Our Philosophy

In today's 'New' Economy, we believe firmly that our Value Add originates in our ability to integrate new technologies with our decades of experience.  Making sense of the ROI of technology investments in the context of existing assets and infrastructure, essentially.... 'How do we get there from here' is a big part of what we do.  This is directly a function of the tens of thousands of solutions we have provided over the past 25 years and our customers desire to enhance and leverage their legacy investments in our equipment.

Current Focus

COVID, COVID, COVID.  There is no corner of our Healthcare marketplace that has not been impacted by the global pandemic.  We have secured reliable supply lines for products ranging from Medication management systems, Procedure Carts, Point of Care carts and refrigeration.  We have been directly involved in the commissioning of many 'temporary' COVID treatment/isolation facilities and we're proud to say that we have been there alongside Canada's front line healthcare providers through these truly unique times.

Next we expect to be integrally involved in the supply chain logistics of a vaccine rollout, and we'll be there when our Healthcare system returns to whatever the new normal is going to look like.

Meet the Team

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Jamie Hallman, BSc MBA

Founder & CEO

With a background in Molecular Biology and Computer Science from way back, and a passion for family, boating, sailboat racing and offshore voyaging.  Jamie is constantly applying his strategic vision to the business development at HIT Healthcare

Rick Bannister

Sales Manager InterMetro Saskatchewan & Manitoba

After establishing himself for over 30 years as a goto guy for all the Ontario hospitals, Rick decided to slow down a bit and focus on our long time channel partners in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the hopes of fitting in some time to work on his golf game.

Craig Alward

Sales Manager Western Canada

Craig shares a passion for sailing and has been a valued associate and a second professional viewpoint for  almost 35 years.  A strong background in scientific and healthcare sales and management and one of the deepest knowledge bases on the Healthcare industry in Western Canada makes Craig an invaluable asset.

Richard Zuckernick

Sales Manager Ontario

Richard joined us from a Pharma and standards background.  The newest member of our team, he hit the ground running and has played an integral part in the startup of Mackenzie Hospital and a number of COVID related initiatives.

Sam Nouri

Sales Manager Quebec/ Maritimes

No-one embodies our commitment to new technology the way Sam does.  With a strong IT infrastructure background, Sam has almost self taught himself the nuances of Quebec's Medication Management landscape.  After almost single handedly implementing a centralized distribution model in Quebec's 'Super Hospitals' and other health regions under the SARDM umbrella, Sam has embarked on a remake of the central pharmacy automated dispensing models for the past 2 years. Along the way he installed systems at the temporary COVID facilities and for good measure is expanding his influence into Atlantic Canada.  He is a much respected consultant in the markets he serves for HIT Healthcare

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